Dubai: The Diamond Hub Where East Meets West.

Dubai is one of the top three diamond trading hubs in the world. Diamonds have long played an illustrious role in Dubai's heritage as a gateway for global trade; this meteoric rise has been realised by the strategic investment, support and vision of the UAE leadership. Nemesis International has seen the rise of the UAE diamond and quickly established itself as key contributor to the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

Headquartered in Dubai, Nemesis International is one of the top ten largest diamond trading companies in the DMCC. Starting a diamonds journey from the mine and ending with its sale as a cut and polished finished product, Nemesis International accompanies the diamond the entire way. Their experience in diamond trade is unmatched regarding passion and excellence and it has enabled them to work with some of the most magnificent diamonds in the world.

It has also enabled them to work with some of the most exquisite diamond jewellery in the world. The man behind this diamond trading corporation is the CEO of Nemesis International DMCC, Konema Mwenenge.

Konema Mwenenge is a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and also holds a Masters Degree in Economics and Finances from the world-renowned Panthéon-Sorbonne. Along with holding the position of CEO at Nemesis International, Mwenenge also acts as Managing Partner at Finexem, which is a financial consulting firm based in Paris and London.

Not only does Nemesis International possess expertise in evaluating a mines diamond production, boiling, analysis, designing, cutting and polishing diamonds but it also provides marketing and technical consultation for jewellery businesses. The technicians and consultants at Nemesis all possess extraordinary experience and expertise, offering transparent advice to the diamond industry from its base in Dubai. Nemesis works with the highest quality diamonds in the world and is also in a partnership with de Grisogono, one of the finest jewellery brands in the world.

In the month of October in 2017, Konema Mwenenge announced the inauguration of a pristine, state-of-the-art diamond-polishing factory christened the Almas Diamond Services DMCC in partnership with the DMCC. This is UAE's first, high-end diamond polishing facility; this factory has the capability of processing high-value raw diamonds into the cut and polished high-value products worth millions of dollars in the least possible time.

 "Given the growing volume of Dubai's diamond trading industry and its contribution to the country's GDP, economic growth and stability, we are proud to inaugurate this state-of-the-art polishing and technology facility which will contribute to Dubai's standing as a leading global diamond center on par with New York, Antwerp and Mumbai,“ said Konema Mwenenge, CEO of Nemesis International. Mwenenge continued: "Our ambition at Nemesis International is to bring more to the diamond and jewellery industry, working with some of the best mines and with our preferred partner high jewellery brand de GRISOGONO.

This facility also boasts of in-house diamond evaluators who can evaluate the quality and authenticity of the precious stones. Equipped with the most advanced machines currently present in the diamond industry, this polishing facility will help increase UAE's position and reputation in the global diamond trade. Dubai is now the world's third largest diamond market. Soon it will be the largest diamond market in the world.

Also, Almas Diamond Services provides unmatched logistics which assures the highest level of security to protect the client’s precious and irreplaceable assets. The clients can now rest assured as Nemesis and Almas will both deliver the finished product at their doorstep.

Konema Mwenenge and the team at Nemesis International are working hard to ensure the DMCC, and the UAE is becoming the leading diamond hub for the world. By utilising the global position of the UAE, trade through the DDE has rapidly expanded by building on strong connections with producers in Africa, cutting centres in Asia and consumers in Europe, the US and China. Consequently, our members and global trading partners can trade with complete confidence while accessing new markets.


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